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Here is the list of Bobby's songs he recorded when he was younger. The lyrics are not official, they have been written by fans who have transcripted what they heard.
"Heart Drive" (featuring Alexa Vega)
"5 Senses" - Transcripted by Sofia & Lily
"Alone" - Transcripted by Sofia & Lily
"Look Away" - Transcripted by Sofia & Lily
"The Way She Move" - Transcripted by Lily

The following songs are the ones of Varsity Fanclub, Bobby's band and featured on the album. The lyrics come from the official wesbite of the group.
"Future Love"
"Maybe This is Love"
"Lost Then Found"
"Love In The Club"
"What I Really Want To Say"
"Half Of You"
"We Will"
"Complicated Girl"
"Used To Be Lonely"
"Bad Habit"
"When You Were Mine"